Is Google Becoming Too Social?

Google has briskly reproduced service after service since it’s initial presence as a research project in January 1996, going from being the best search engine service for the internet, to attempting to become the  best at everything the world wide web has to offer.

Recently we have seen Google be mildly successful with projects such as G-Mail, Google Scholar, Google Analytics, Google Books and even launching a desktop search, conveniently named Google Desktop.

The issue with Google trying to be the best at everything however, is that they cannot concentrate on one thing, leaving them wide open to competitors, non of which are seemingly trying to take over the whole of the internet.

Now however, Google are trying to be social, launching Google+ at a time where Facebook and Twitter are ruling the Social Networking world, and a keen sense of anything you can do we can do better is currently coming from both of those companies.

Since Google+ being announced, Zuckerberg has announced the development of F8, which seems to be everything Google+ is and more.  Twitter however, is a different sort of network, and is brilliant in the way it is constructed.  With it’s ‘anything you say I see’ structure, Twitter has attracted celebrities and the general public alike, and even has Police Services and Politicians now signing up for it too.

With Facebook currently bringing their new features in quick and fast, including the new subscribe feature, the chances of Google+ being a success are evidently thin.

As a user with full access to all of Google+’s services, one must consider the fact that,  although Google can include e-mail, searching the internet and talking to your friends all in one easy package, Facebook could be just too tightly welded into our now, seemingly reliant on Social Networking world.

The only thing Google+ has over Facebook, is the way it classifies your friends.  Even the ability to group your friends is on Facebook but just not the ‘circles’ method presented by Google+.

I for one will not be making the switch to Google+, when already, all of my friends are on Facebook, and all of the celebrities I need to know about are on Twitter.  Google+ seems a bit of a dead wood project before it has even started to me, and I cannot see it being half as successful as Facebook, atleast while Zuckerberg is still in the realms and holding in the reigns to the Social Networking Giant.


Windows 8 : Developers Preview – Opinions and Thoughts

I downloaded Windows 8 Developers Preview this morning because I have been excited about the prospect of the Metro UI ever since it was first announced on Windows 8.  I was definitely not disappointed with the results so far.

Windows 8 is developing into an exquisite piece of operating system, with the ability to develop further in future, but it may prove hard to understand for the less tech savvy who had only just got to grips with Windows 7 and Vista.  That said, it will also be hard for the less technical minded of us to understand all the new keyboard shortcuts, the new internet explorer in the Metro UI, how to get off the Metro UI to a normal computer desktop screen, and of course the new Explorer screens which are reminiscent of those from the newer Microsoft Office packages.

Windows 8 Impressed me; it’s features for Twitter, Facebook and the Weather amongst others, allowing all these thing straight into your desktop.  The other thing that intrigued me was something I heard on a developer video, saying that the much anticipated HTML5 can be used to develop apps for Windows 8. This is something definitely worth looking into for the programmers out there who are not up to scratch with things such as Java, C++ and the likes (do not worry, I am one of them!) and are much more intellectual within the cosy realms of Web Programming with styles such as HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS and XML.

Internet Explorer seems to work very fast on Windows 8. although this could be due to the fact Windows 8 is a new installation on my laptop.

Overall Windows 8 seems to be something very much worth being excited about.  The inclusion of the Marketplace and Xbox Live is something that will also push me towards being a customer of Windows once again, and I am already ravenous to get more Windows 8 with the lock of my jaws.

You can download the Windows Developers Preview from  Please do remember this a Pre-Beta version of Windows 8 and there is a lot of development left to go.  However, the prospects are high, and I am already considering ditching my IBook G4 in time to raise the funds to purchase Windows 8 when it goes live in the future.

I have created a preview video of Windows 8 Developers Edition to give you a toe poke into pool, before you go swimming into it.  There are no instructions or sound on the video by the way, so please do not be alarmed if you think your sound is failing, it is just a small clip to show what you can expect from the Developers Edition.

A Cool Windows 7 Phone Theme on IPhone.

If you are sick of the IPhone UI and want to try something different, this might just be for you. the Windows 7 Phone UI with Iphone apps and OS running in the background.

Now, for this to work you need to have a jailbroken IPhone.  I did this on an IPhone 2G but as far as I am aware it works on all IPhones.  I found some very helpful videos to help you set this up if you do have a Jailbroken phone.  The guy who did the videos found the theme on Cydia, I came across his videos and found them very helpful indeed.  He goes by the name of InsiderF13 on Youtube.  I will post the videos at the bottom of this page.

The theme is utterly inspiring and gave me a renewed love for my IPhone after getting bored of using Whitedoor, a hacked version of 3.1.3 to resemble IOS4 on the older Apple Phones.  I found Whitedoor fantastic but it only goes so far.  The Ultimate Windows 7 Phone theme is fantastic.  It gives you full scope to be able to edit your icons and logos through Photoshop or any other image editing software, Which I did do on a few icons to make my homepage a bit more inspiring to myself.  Having a zune logo with Prince on for my IPod and a picture logo with a little girl in a swimming costume was not really for me, So intead I changed the Ipod logo to Matt Cardle and the Photos logo to a picture of one of the greatest football/soccer players that ever lived, Scotland and Wolves’ very own, Steven Fletcher.

I have included a screenshot of my home screen below to show you all just what the theme can do to revitalise your IOS Gadget:

Here are the videos I found, one just showing you the theme (using Winterboard and Iconoclasm), and one explaining how to install the theme successfully on your Iphone:

Showing The Theme in a Demonstration

How To Set Up The Theme

I hope you enjoy this theme if you install it.  I am really enthusiastic about it, and feel it a great change to looking at the Iphone OS’s standard layout.  If you need any help, please do not hestitate to get in touch below!